10 Shocking WWE Moments Kids Should NEVER Watch

With violence involved in professional wrestling, there are many events matches and scenes that are not meant for the eyes of younger viewers. Here is a video compilation of the top 10 WWE moments that should never be watched by kids.

Inappropriate Games You Played as a Kid

We all remember playing games as a kid whether by ourselves or with our friends. Games are integral part of our childhood… that said it’s likely at some point that you took part in a game that was clearly inappropriate from video games to dangerously physical games that are deemed inappropriate for a number of reasons but we played them all nonetheless

10 Embarrassing Photos the UFC Doesn’t Want You To See

The ultimate fighting championship, also known as the UFC, has grown to become one of the biggest venues for MMA fighters. Whatever these fighters do in their personal lives can be just as important as their skill in the cage.

Here are 10 photos the UFC doesn’t want you to see