Celestron Telescope – Which One Do You Prefer?

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Choose A Telescope

If you’re looking for a dual-purpose telescope appropriate for both terrestrial and celestial viewing, then the AstroMaster Series is for you. Each AstroMaster model is capable of giving correct views of land and sky.

The AstroMaster Series produce bright, clear images of the Moon and planets. It is easy to see the moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn with every one of these fine instruments.

Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope


Celestron 15 x 70 Skymaster



Celestron Travel Scope 70



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“Final List” – August 31 2017

Below are the names of those that demonstrated their passion for Astronomy in the month of August 2017

As per the terms of the giveaway, we will pick a winner from this list using a Google Random tool. A video showing the process will be shared on our Facebook page on the 1st Sept 2017. We will send a notification via our PODnext app.



  1. Harold Perez Bulanon
  2. Gerard Pajares Medina
  3. Sunil Kumar
  4. Kanaishk Garg
  5. Haji Huseinali Lokhandwala HN
  6. Gerard Pajares Medina
  7. Kanaishk Garg
  8. Prashanth Ganesh
  9. Kanaishk Garg
  10. Harold Perez Bulanon
  11. Lighto Lasto
  12. Arvind Madan
  13. Boo Gie
  14. Lighto Lasto
  15. David Kite
  16. Vikram Rao
  17. Rick Rodgers
  18. Parag Thakker
  19. David Kite
  20. Stefano Hawk Ampolo
  21. Rick Rodgers
  22. Sunil Kumar
  23. Rick Rodgers
  24. Kanaishk Garg
  25. Zamiruddin Shekh
  26. Sachin Bijjargi
  27. Sunil Kumar
  28. Pranav Satheesh
  29. Kanaishk Garg
  30. Sourav E
  31. Abdul-Haseeb Munj
  32. Haji Huseinali Lokhandwala HN
  33. Francis Ancip
  34. Sunil Kumar
  35. Zamiruddin Shekh
  36. Sunil Kumar
  37. Gerard Pajares Medina
  38. Rick Rodgers
  39. Francis Anacip
  40. David Kite
  41. Kanaishk Garg
  42. Sunil Kumar
  43. Stefano Hawk Ampolo
  44. Brijpal Singh Sandhu
  45. Sunil Kumar
  46. Sourav E
  47. Gerard Pajares Medina
  48. Kanaishk Garg
  49. Pheiroijam Dhanajita
  50. Rick Rodgers
  51. David Kite
  52. Monish
  53. Haji Huseinali Lokhandwala HN
  54. Sourav E
  55. Zamiruddin Shekh
  56. Sunil Kumar
  57. Gerard Pajares Medina#
  58. David Kite
  59. Tufale Ibn Khalo
  60. Rick Rodgers
  61. Monish
  62. Haji Huseinali Lokhandwala HN
  63. Sunil Kumar
  64. Sourav E
  65. Debasish Panda
  66. Gerard Pajares Medina
  67. Brijpal Singh Sandhu
  68. Tufale Ibn Khalo
  69. Monish
  70. Haji Huseinali Lokhandwala HN
  71. Sunil Kumar
  72. Sourav E
  73. Debasish Panda
  74. Gerard Pajares Medina
  75. Pheiroijam Dhanajita
  76. Brijpal Singh Sandhu
  77. Tufale Ibn Khalo
  78. Sunil Kumar
  79. Sourav E
  80. Brijpal Singh Sandhu
  81. Tufale Ibn Khalo
  82. Monish
  83. Sushant Roy
  84. Siddharth Mehta
  85. Emmanuel Ian Palisoc Mercado
  86. Rick Rodgers
  87. Neil Davis
  88. Sourav E
  89. Monish
  90. Neil Davis
  91. Monish
  92. Neil Davis
  93. Lighto Lasto
  94. Neil Davis
  95. Sourav E
  96. Pheiroijam Dhanajita
  97. Monish
  98. Neil Davis
  99. Roger Cantos
  100. Monish
  101. Sultan Usama Ahmed Chudhary
  102. Roger Cantos
  103. Deepanjan Sarkar
  104. Bill Young
  105. Muhammad Qureshi
  106. Ravi Rajesh
  107. Jerry Gray
  108. Michael F Cook
  109. Nithin Roney
  110. Varun V Anil
  111. Parag Thakker



How did we compile this list?

We picked the names of the first 10 subscribers that left a relevant comment via our PODnext app on every post curated (shared) in the month of August.

I made a comment why is my name not on the list?

We only pick names of those that made a comment related to the post shared. You need to read or watch the video then make a comment.

Some names appeared multiple times why?

They are those that left relevant comment on multiple post.


The goal of the giveaway is to encourage a discussion. We want to create a community of like minded people watching, reading and talking about stories we share on topics they love.


Scientific Video Experiment Proves the Power of Positive Thinking

The impact of positive and negative energy might be more impactful than you think—and more powerful.

Ana Paula Frezatto Martins, a teacher in a southern region in Brazil called Curitiba, decided to show her class the power of words by using two cups of sealed white rice.

Frezatto Martins is a physical education teacher, and she asked her students to form a circle around the two cups of rice. She then asked her students to say negative things people might hear in everyday life to one of the cups — things like “you are worthless,” “you are dumb,” and “you will never accomplish anything.”

Negative rice results

She then asked the students to speak to the rice in the second glass, only this time they were to use positive affirmations like “You’re special,” “you are smart,” and you can achieve anything.” A week later, the rice in the “love cup” fermented naturally while the rice in the “hate cup” became dark and moldy.

Frezatto Martins said she has always tried to instill in her students the value of positive thinking.

“In my classes, I explain the importance of saying nice things to each other, but kids need more tangible physical expressions of our examples,” Martins told Globo.

“When you say something nice, like ‘you can do it,’ you feel that in your heart,” said 10-year-old student Anita Santini Trevisan. She said that since the experiment, she tries to be more positive every day.

Henrique Kloster, another student, summed up the project this way, “The damage of negativity is bigger than we can imagine … there are two ways to say things; the right way is to praise the good side of others with the eyes of the heart, not the eyes we see.”

The rice experiment mirrors the well-known one conducted by Masaru Emoto. Emoto tested both distilled and natural water when it was frozen into crystals, seeing what would happen if they were exposed to different types of human emotional energies. Emoto used thoughts, words, pictures, and music — for instance, classical versus heavy metal music. He then looked at the crystals under a microscope.

In all of the experiments, he noticed that the beautiful crystals had received the positive affirmations, whereas those that received negativity looked disfigured.

In 1999, his findings were as a photographic collection, entitled “Messages from Water”.

He did a related experiment on jars of cooked rice. As you can tell in the video below, the rice that received positive thoughts and affirmations stayed pure and productive, but the rice that had received negativity or was completely ignored turned black or molded.

Others have tried Dr. Emoto’s experiments and shared their results on Youtube and in all cases, his positivity experiment rings true. So remember to stay positive and be kind to others. If your words and thoughts can have this kind of effect on rice, just imagine what kind of effect your words and thoughts can have on people.

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